My Need To Blog

As someone who has traveled the world and lived in a number of different countries, I tend to have a slightly different view than many Americans about various social and economic issues. My European background has given me a liberal flavor when it comes to moral and social issues whereas my corporate career has primed me in favor of business and capitalism when it comes to the economy. In the USA, these two standpoints are almost irreconcilable. I am either arguing with or agreeing with everyone I meet.

As an example, looking back at my European heritage, I agree than having access to good health is a human right, not an economic privilege. On the other hand I do not believe everyone has a right to work. That is something that you have to earn. So I agree with most Europeans when it comes to healthcare but disagree with them about employment (or unemployment) issues. Here in the US, I have not found one person in my peer group who agrees with me on healthcare. So to release my frustration about some of these subjects I have elected to start this blog so that I can express myself, without interruption, on some of the important, and often controversial issues we are facing in this incredible country.

To make things clear from the start, I consider myself a liberal capitalist, which for most Americans is an oxymoron. But I believe our American society is heading in that direction anyway and the sooner we grasp what this oxymoron entails, the sooner we will get there and ensure we get the model right. Some of my blog posts will be intentionally controversial so as to solicit debate but we should all understand that nobody is right or wrong. We may all have our own opinion on a number of subjects but they are “our opinions” and nobody else’s. They might be right for you but not for me. We should engage in debate, not arguments, to find common ground so that we can all improve the society we call The Great American Experiment. It has recently shown some serious cracks that have to be repaired by discourse not disagreement and I look forward to a lively debate.

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