My Conviction

Before I decided to join Lifevantage, the company that markets Protandim, I wanted to see if there was any proof behind the incredible scientific claims that can be found by doing a simple Google search.

So I started to take the product myself.

I am a pretty healthy individual and I didn’t have any great expectations about any major improvements that I might notice. But after 30 days of taking Protandim, I noticed some considerable improvements. I started to feel more energetic and focused. I also started to sleep longer than I have for most of my life. I have been a 6-hour sleeper for as long as I can remember but recently I have been putting in quite a few 8-hour nights and feeling much refreshed the next day. I had liver “aging” spots on my right hand and these have started to disappear, as many predicted they would.

Perhaps the most significant change I have experienced is the shortening of my recovery times after strenuous training. I run Half Marathons and last Sunday I ran a race in Arizona and discovered my recovery time from this event was shorter than I have ever experienced to date. In fact, when I woke up the next day I felt absolutely nothing from the race, which has never happened before.

I have spoken to several people who have seen even more impact on their lives from assistance with problems connected with things like Arthritis, heart problems and diabetes.

Although the FDA does not allow Protandim to claim in any way that is cures or prevents diseases, these stories are by no means anecdotal. So my conclusion was: Who wouldn’t want to take one pill every day that would appear from scientific studies to potentially lengthen one’s life and protect against more than 200 of the most common, deadly diseases?

I signed up and am telling everyone I know about a product that is on the leading edge of major medical breakthroughs.

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