My Conviction

Before I decided to join Lifevantage, the company that markets Protandim, I wanted to see if there was any proof behind the incredible scientific claims that can be found by doing a simple Google search. So I started to take the product myself. I am a pretty healthy individual so I didn’t have any great expectations … Continue reading My Conviction

Protandim FAQ

WHY DO PEOPLE AGE AND HOW CAN PROTANDIM HELP SLOW THAT PROCESS? Nationally recognized anti-aging expert Dr. Joe McCord, the scientist behind Protandim, explains, “Researchers and scientists agree that aging is the result of cellular deterioration caused by free radicals, which are rogue molecules. It is impossible to avoid free radicals because the food you … Continue reading Protandim FAQ

Global Warming – Your Local Plan

Global warming is a hot topic right now (apologies for the pun) but does it really impact the thoughts and plans of your present daily life. Probably not. Despite the rhetoric, it is one of those things that people just cannot relate to. When the President tells us he wants to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 80% by 2050, do we know exactly what that means or us individually? Do we all know exactly what we have to do to reach this goal and save planet Earth?

The Antioxidant Myth

For years we have been told that consuming conventional antioxidants in the form vitamin pills, health juices and green veggies is the best way to fight the oxidative stress that free radicals cause to our cell structures, which many scientists now think is the root cause of the many devastating diseases we humans suffer and die from each year. Recent scientific research, however, has shown most of this conventional wisdom to be no more than a myth.

Precipice Politics

So, I am sitting down with my wife to discuss a major life event – my employer just cut my overtime and has even threatened to start all employees on a four-day workweek. I guess it is just a sign of the times as the economy isn’t recovering and my company has just decided to … Continue reading Precipice Politics

President Bashing

I was motivated to write this posting after receiving an email from a Republican friend who endorsed a document written by a Mr. Sam Vaknin, who claims he is the world’s leading expert on narcissism. This document claimed beyond any shadow of a doubt that Barack Obama is a huge narcissist. Worse than that, Vaknin … Continue reading President Bashing