Day 1 – May 4, 2013

Berlin – Wittenberg : 119 km

So the first stage is complete. I actually rode 12 km more than planned, partly due to losing my way a couple of times but also taking a side trip to be able to drink something. The weather was just perfect with almost no wind and sun or partly cloudy.

I must say that this stage was not very inspiring. This was a section that did not follow any rivers and passed only a couple of lakes. Otherwise it was fairly flat taking me across fields and through forests. imageThe last 20 km were also stone and sand roads which were only slowly rideable although the last few miles were downhill. I was also almost the only person(s) that I saw on this trail. This is probably due to the fact that it is not yet the holiday season.

I am writing this blog from a hotel with a very bad wifi connection so there will probably not be any photos today although I will try and load them later. Tomorrow I start to follow rivers, beginning with the Elbe, so it should be more dramatic, busier and more photogenic. Now it is time to try and get 8 hours sleep! Here’s till tomorrow.

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