Day 7 – May 10, 2013

Rest Day in Bad Kissingen

Today was not a day of rest but a day of relaxation, rejuvenation and reflection. It was certainly a day of necessity, preparing me for the final third of my journey. There was one thing that I didn’t miss all day – my bike! The hotel is actually a retirement home that also rents out rooms for overnight guests which meant that I didn’t see anyone that was under 80. imageIt is a huge facility and very well-known here in Bad Kissingen and my room was really a paradise – modern, large and quiet. The staff were super helpful and I would definitely come back here if I ever visit the city again.
My day started slow, with a late breakfast and doing my laundry. The hotel allowed me to use their laundry facility which was a godsend. Having finished all my chores I took the bus downtown to enjoy a stroll around and lunch. It is a pretty place with the downtown area traffic-free and lots of great restaurants with street-side patios. The hotel didn’t have a wifi system so I wasn’t able to post my daily blog from yesterday but downtown I was able to connect to the high-speed network of my cellphone and complete the task.
I found the post office and bought a padded envelope that I will use to send the maps I have been using, and no longer need, back home. That will be at least 2 kg less to push up the hills to come. imageWent down to the Rose Garden, which is a beautiful little area by the river and just sat on a bench and soaked up the atmosphere and the good weather. Then hopped back on the bus to get back to the hotel by 16:30 and slept for an hour listening to music from my i-Pad.
Then came a highlight of my stay. The hotel has a huge swimming pool and I had decided to go for a relaxing swim before ordering food to my room for the evening. Well, the swimming pool was really huge and I was completely alone. The water was 30C and the hall well heated with terrific views of the surrounding countryside. It was like being in a tropical paradise. I swam a relaxed 20 lengths and floated around to relax my body. imageThen I laid down on one of the chaise-long to soak up the humid atmosphere and the great views. It was the perfect way to relax and reflect on my life and my journey.
Then I retired to my room, called my beautiful wife and ordered a pizza to my room which I enjoyed with a couple of beers and watched television. Lights out was around 23:00, the perfect end to a perfect day.
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