Day 9 – May 12, 2013

Wertheim – Heilbronn (20 km + train)

I woke up this morning to howling winds and streaming rain and to make things worse it was only 8C! This called for some quick thinking and a flexible alternative. The planned route today would have taken me through some pretty rugged countryside but with 30 km/hr headwinds and rain it would have been an almost impossible trip.image

Thank God I had ordered some extra megabytes from my cellphone carrier. This enabled me to spend time online looking for another option. The solution I found was to return to Wertheim and to take the train from there to Heilbronn. This was a two hour trip with a quick change of trains in Lauda. I managed to cancel my original hotel reservation and book a new hotel in Heilbronn, just 300 yards from the central station! It almost feels like cheating but having come so far it made no sense to go through a tortuous day.
This change had one great result. Tomorrow it will give me a clear run along the river Neckar into Stuttgart. From a fellow biker I learned this must be a pretty, although challenging, trip. I just pray the weather plays ball and at least stays dry. I must say this is really the first day when the weather has interrupted my plans. Not bad for a 10-day 900 km journey. Hopefully, the weather is at least fine tomorrow.image
This afternoon I enjoyed a typical schwäbische meal in a restaurant with some type of celebration (see picture). Tonight, I went next to the hotel and had my first Indian meal for more than 10 years. As an Englishman I was used to eating Indian very often and I must say it brought back many happy memories of my youth.
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