Colin Buckingham

Colin has always been a Global Business Executive at the forefront of new business developments. After following a long career in the telecommunications industry, where he was a leading figure in the development and introduction of new digital radio concepts worldwide, he moved to North America where he introduced revolutionary financial concepts to the insurance industry through his own corporation. He was always ranked and recognized as one of the top 100 agents in the United States for insurance annuity products.

After selling off his business interests and reaching retirement, Colin started looking for new challenges. As someone who has always paid attention to his own personal health, running half-marathons and biking on average more than 5.000 km every year, he is now focusing on the health and wellness industry. His passion for this industry has been fired up by the depressing analysis of the state of health of the populations in North America and Europe.

One of his missions is to help people become aware of the simple possibilities which exist to live a healthier, longer life. The problem in western society is we are caught up in the fast pace which exists simply to survive. Family, career and money are the variables we struggle to deal with, often at the cost of our health.

An example is the statistics regarding the population’s weight problem. More than two-thirds of the population is overweight and more than one-third obese. And these numbers are still on the increase even though everyone knows it proposes dangerous risks to our health, often only appearing in later life.

At the same time, modern science is beginning to discover the truths about our health which previously were completely unknown and/or misinterpreted. For example, we all know how important diet is to our health and wellbeing. What we didn’t know is what we eat has an important impact on our genetic structure and the defense mechanisms our bodies use to protect itself against disease. This new research is bringing us even closer to the the lifelong pursuit of understanding the aging process.

These new discoveries have led Colin to focus on a number of very simple, cost-free solutions to improve our overall health and help us prevent getting sick in the first place. Some of these solutions are highlighted on this website although only on a summary basis. There are links on every page which will enable you to become better informed on each subject matter and will redirect you to other sources which cover the item in more detail. Don’t forget to check out the Blog where several articles written by Colin will appear.

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