Colin Buckingham

Colin has always been a Global Business Executive. Having been responsible for large organizations around the world, he has traveled extensively for more than 40 years. Born in the UK, he has visited almost every European country and speaks five European languages fluently. His business travels took him around the globe for more than 40 years and he has the enviable record of circumventing our planet more than 30 times in his career.

Colin's CornerOther than the UK, Colin has lived in Germany (10 years), Holland (14 years), Sweden (10 years) and Canada (4 years) and the Unites States (16 years). After a short period in Washington D.C. he arrived in Arizona in 1996. He now divides his time between North Carolina and Germany in Europe.

With the collapse of the telecommunications industry in 2000, he turned to the financial services industry where ran his own agency for financial planning services. As he approached an age where he could afford to retire, he turned his attention to advising on ways to supplement and/or replace an existing income utilizing the power of the Internet.

Colin has embarked on a new venture related to the health and wellness industry. This project includes introducing revolutionary, science-based products from the US into Europe, starting in the United Kingdom and then expanding to The Netherlands and other parts of Europe. These products have already been successfully launched in the US, Canada, Japan, Australia as well as a number of other countries in the Far East and provide a unique way of combating the aging process and wellness in general. He is himself very active in his leisure time and has a passion for biking which he does extensively whenever he can. On this blog one can find the details of a vacation trip he made biking from Berlin to Stuttgart which was around 900 km. in 9 days.