Colin has always followed an active lifestyle. From an early age he was an accomplished soccer player and captained both his school and State team in the UK. His interest for soccer has remained with him since then and has followed his home team, Fulham, all his DSC00511_2life as well as supporting any local teams where he has lived.

He is an avid cyclist and whether in Europe or in the United States has always had a bike at hand. Although he has never pursued biking as a competitive sport, there have always been biking challenges on the calendar. Recently he completed a 5-day tour of 400 kms. with his wife Ingrid. His next challenge will be to bike in May from Berlin to Stuttgart (900 kms.).

As a competitive sport, Colin turned to half-marathons at a mature age and has since competed in 3 events. In an event in Phoenix, Arizona, he crossed the finish line as second in his age group. In a normal day he will either ride 20 km. on his bike or walk 5 km., preferably on forest trails near his home. He attends a sports gym regularly.

On the health front, Colin is a true believer in alternative cures for many of the ailments and illnesses we suffer from. He uses natural products that solve the problem we humans all have with oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is one of the main components of the ageing process and is the root cause of many of the deadly illnesses we suffer from. There are many claims that ingesting antioxidants are the solution but he believes it has become purely a commercial ploy and the evidence proves this. In his blog section you will find his article entitled “The Antioxidant Myth”, which everyone should read.

Although he is retired Colin spends part of every day keeping up with recent events and doing research on the Internet. He believes the Internet will capture 80% of all consumer purchases at some point in the future as people realize they can shop more easily for the best de

als online instead of the hassle and expense of visiting physical locations. Most of his research involves keeping up with many of the advanced technical innovations that are now occurring as well as the discoveries about the universe and of our own planet.

Starting as a language student at school, he soon discovered his passion for traveling andSanDiego for speaking different languages. Having learned French and German at school, he then added to his list of fluency both Dutch and Swedish from his extensive time living in The Netherlands and Sweden. During his business career he managed to circumvent the globe more than 30 times. Some of his favorite overseas countries include Australia and Japan to which he planning to return in the near future. His passion for the Internet, and one of the direct advantages of being online, has enabled him to reconnect with many friends around the World and continue to communicate with them on a regular basis.

Colin recently has spent more time in Europe and one of the reasons is that he has missed many of the cultural activities that Europe provides. He believes that the United States is a terrific place to be but that culturally Europe has more to offer. He still maintains a residence in the US and has planned many global trips including Japan and Croatia.


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